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✮ Meet The Owners ✮

Nicholas Goines was born in Modesto, California, but was raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He graduated from Oklahoma State University in 2015 with a Bachelor's of Science degree in Business Management Marketing. Over the years, he has worked in a number of roles providing customer service and leading result-oriented and customer service focused teams. Some of these roles included home inspections, internal auditing, and front facing customer service relations. His hobbies include weight training, watching/participating in sports, and participating in other outside activities. 

I, Steven Lewis, was born in Cape Canaveral, Florida and was raised in Cocoa, Florida. I graduated from Florida State University in 2011 with a Bachelor's of Science degree in Criminology. Over the years, I have worked in a wide range of capacities to include: food service for a few restaurant chains, Product Development and Engineering for Sea-Ray, and as a Corrections/Detention Deputy for the Brevard County and Pinellas County Sheriff's Offices (for the last 11 years). During my time as a deputy, I trained new deputies and criminal justice specialists for three years as a Field Training Officer. My hobbies include reading, watching movies, reviewing the latest tech, gaming, watching/participating in sports, and participating in other outside activities. 

Royal Cleaners, LLC was established in March of 2023 by Nicholas Goines and Steven Lewis. What started as a simple friendship due to living in the same housing community (block parties and many fun nights around the fire pit), quickly became a budding business venture. After helping neighbors install hurricane shutters for Hurricane Ian in 2022, we recognized the synergy between us and put a plan into motion to start a business. This is why we chose our slogan, "Royal Cleaners are here to provide the royal treatment." We pride ourselves on ensuring that our interactions are as pleasant as possible and that our clients are treated as royalty as we complete their service requests. The Goines and Lewis families are joining a rich history of successful businessmen and hope to make a positive impact on the individuals and communities that we serve. We thank you for visiting our website and for allowing us to serve you!

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